Woodland M/X Park

2013 - 2014

3232 Lewis River Road

Woodland, WA




"Woodland Cup Series"



*2  Wheel Motorcycles and Quads*




Class Definitions:

 Beginner Ė First year riders or those that are still picking up speed and have not received plaques at other tracks.

 Amateur Ė All Beginners and slower Juniorís.  Anyone that rides Beginner at other tracks and finishes in the top ĺ overall.  Plus anyone that races Junior at other tracks and finishes in the bottom 50%.

 Master Ė Middle to upper pack Juniorís and Intermediateís.  Anyone that rides Junior at other tracks and finishes in the top 50%.  Plus anyone that rides Intermediate at other tracks.

 Pro Ė This is a Money class.  Once you race in this class you canít move back.  Only exception is the BTH Master will have Proís racing in it.



Gates open at 9AM



Adults: $10.00

            Senior Citz & 6-11 years:$5.00

            5 & Under: FREE


RACING FEES:             

Pros & Amateur  $25.00 + Gate

OPEN PRACTICE FEES:             

All Riders  $30.00 each 

Gate entry - no charge on practice days

            Gates open at 9am, practice from 10am to 4pm


***Classes are subject to change. Please check back. We will be making adjustments.



Practice:                             10:00 AM

Riders meeting:                   Following Practice

Racing:  Immediately after riders meeting

  Morning Classes:  


                50cc Beginner, Amateur, Master   (Beginner class does not qualify for high point)
                65cc Beginner, Amateur, Master  
(Beginner class does not qualify for high point)


               50cc - 60cc Beginner  (Beginner class does not qualify for high point)    

               50cc - 60cc Amateur       

               70cc CVT / 50cc Cobra Amateur  

               70cc CVT / 50cc Cobra Master     

               80cc - 90 CVT / 70cc Cobra Amateur        

               80cc - 110 CVT / 70cc Cobra Master        

               Shifter Amateur   60cc-85cc / 125cc ac 4stk

               Shifter Master  105cc / 150cc,  150cc ac 4stk

               Blaster, Raptor, 300 EX Amateur      200cc / 150 wc, 300cc ac 4stk

               Blaster, Raptor, 300 EX Master        240cc / 160 wc, 330cc ac 4stk

               4 Stroke Amateur       250cc / 250 wc, 400cc ac 4stk

               4 Stroke Master         280 cc / 265 wc, 440cc ac 4stk

               450 Beginner  (Quad 450 Beginner class does not qualify for high point)

               450 Amateur                                      

               450 Master                                         

               Open Beginner  (Quad Open Beginner class does not qualify for high point)

               Open Amateur                                   

               Open Master                                      

               30 +        






Riders Meeting                          11:30 AM 

Practice                                     12:00 PM

Racing:  Immediately after practice

   Afternoon Classes:  


                 85cc Beginner, Amateur, Master. Supermini   (Beginner class does not qualify for high point)

                 250 - 125cc/250f Beginner, Amateur, Master   (Beginner class does not qualify for high point)
                 Open - 250cc/450f Beginner, Amateur, Master  
(Beginner class does not qualify for high point)
                 BTH Amateur, Master
                 30+ Amateur, Master
                 40+ Beginner, Amateur, & Master  
(Beginner class does not qualify for high point)

                 Pro (all)



~All Quads are required to have a tether switch, nerf bars, & a rear number plate~  

*All riders will pay a one time track fee of $10 good for the 2013-14 Season


*High point awards not awarded to beginner classes




*YOU MUST RIDE AT LEAST 10 OUT OF 12 RACES DURING THE 2013-2014 SEASON TO QUALIFY FOR A HIGH POINT SERIES AWARD.  IF WE CANCEL A RACE THEN YOU MUST RIDE AT LEAST  9 OF THE 11 RACES. All riders will get a special award if they meet these requirements but donít qualify for a series end award. 


***Year end awards to be handed out at the end of the race day on April 6th. Please plan accordingly.


Why does Woodland not high point the beginner class?

 Due to the racing in the winter we are very limited in day light hours.  December it's dark at 4:30 which gives us doesn't allow for much race time. In addition we run both motorcycles and quads so we need to run more classes each race day. 

 Woodland use to not run any Beginner classes due to the number of classes we run and the shorter daylight hours.  A few years ago we decide to add a couple to give kids who have never won a plaque a chance to win one and take something home for their very first time.  Therefore; it was decided a couple years ago to run limited Beginner classes.  These classes are for the true beginners and not intended to be a class that is ran the entire season.  Therefore, we only allow two wins per racer and move racers up to the amateur after they receive two first place plaques. 

 We acknowledge that this is different than any other track however our decision is based off making it fun for everyone and giving our newest race members a chance to receive something for their efforts. 

 Woodland has always been a track that is family fun and we hope that you can support our decision to offer non high point limited beginner classes for those riders just entering into the sport.  

We race rain or shine. Close due to frozen ground. Call ahead or check back here for cancellations.

To view the race results see the Schedule page for links



 Click Here - Daily awards calculation

                      Daily points calculation

                      Year end high point award calculations


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